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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Give taxi drivers the wage support they need now, not in June

Dear Prime Minister,

Taxi drivers are self-employed – the Chancellor’s offer of 80% of earnings up to £2,500 a month to the country's 5 million self-employed workers, giving them pay parity with employees is very much welcomed.

But making them wait until June to be paid is not. We need wage support now.

Support us and we can help support the emergency services.

Why is this important?

Unite Hackney cab and taxi drivers are ready to do whatever it takes to help keep the country moving during the coronavirus crisis, but we are facing financial ruin without the same level of government support.

The Prime Minister and his chancellor said that they would do ‘whatever it takes’. For taxi drivers it takes:

• Wage support straight away. No delay, until June.

• No means testing of Universal Credit or other benefits.

• Suspending or reducing all taxi related running costs, including licence plate fees, monthly radio fees, rental fees and insurance payments for taxis not on the road.

• Backing loan repayment holidays for private hire vehicles and moratoriums on marking down drivers’ credit files.

• Emergency interim payments to keep the taxi on the road.

• Reviewing the licensing regime and stop all payments for licences, with a three month temporary extension for those expected to renew in the next 12 months.

We’re ready to help.

With these financial support measures, Unite taxi and private hire driver members stand ready to support our emergency services. We’re fully licenced and DBS checked. Clean, safe and wheelchair accessible. Equipped with a glass partition separating driver from passenger.

Support us and we can:
• Transport patients to and from non-emergency appointments.
• Deliver shopping for the elderly or transport them to and from supermarkets
• Transport key workers to work and deliver medical supplies.

Unite Hackney taxi and private hire drivers are ready to talk.

United Kingdom

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