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To: Mark Harper MP , Councillor Neil Clarke

Keep public transport link active to East Midlands Airport

The Skylink Nottingham line is being cut ! This service is a lifeline for so many people , from those that work at the Airport to those that have to attend the QMC , the scrapping of this service will put people out of work and isolate those that need to use the service to access health care . the on demand service that is being proposed isnt enough of a service to help . I can personally speak for airport workers , GMB members , nearly 40% of the workforce at the airport catch public transport. Not only do a lot of staff not know about the CUT yet , the ones that do are scared of losing their jobs. The GMB and its members believe that employment will be put at risk in North West Leicester , Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Busses and bus stops are being withdrawn at a time when people are worrying about the cost of living , the environment , but are being pushed into unemployment , people are being forced to use expensive taxis !

Why is this important?

Lets help those that use the bus as a lifeline, lets keep on track with climate change , join this campaign and lets get this sorted !
Leicestershire, UK

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