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To: Luton & Dunstable University NHS Foundation Trust Board

Luton & Dunstable Hospital – Bring us back

Luton & Dunstable Hospital – Bring us back

Bring cleaning, catering and housekeeping back in house! Don’t extend Engie’s contract, don’t bring in other private contractors. Bring us back and treat us the same as our directly employed NHS colleagues, with the pay, terms and conditions we deserve.

Why is this important?

Cleaners, caterers and housekeepers are proud to keep Luton & Dunstable Hospital clean and safe, ensuring that patients, staff and visitors are well fed. The hospital couldn’t function without us.

But rather than being rewarded for our vital work, we are denied the decent pay, terms and conditions enjoyed by directly employed staff. To save money, the Trust outsourced our services to private contractor Engie. Any savings have come directly out of our wages and the quality of the service we can provide – Engie’s shareholders are getting paid instead.

The contract is due to end in Autumn 2020. The Trust can choose to extend Engie’s contract, put our services out to tender for another private contractor or bring the services back in house.

Please call on the Trust to bring the services back in house so we can provide good services, without having to do so on worse conditions than our NHS colleagues.

The Trust is deciding our fate in the next few weeks. Please help us put pressure on them to make the right decision, to bring us back in-house, by signing our petition.

Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton

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Reasons for signing

  • It's a matter of simple economics and common sense. It costs more to contract out services rather than employing service staff in house as you have to pay a fortune to the middleman (the service providers) who take a massive cut.
  • Yet another example of Tory wickedness and stupidity destroying our country and ruining lives. Privatisation of essential services is disgusting and wasteful.
  • My daughter is a house keeper there


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