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To: Paul Pomeroy, CEO and President, McDonald's UK

McDonald's: End harassment in your stores

The time has come for McDonald’s to stop ignoring this problem and start making the changes needed. McDonald’s must realise that us workers are not going to take this anymore.

We demand:
o McDonald’s meet with us--its workers--so together we can come up with a plan to stamp out harassment in its restaurants.
o McDonald’s hold mandatory training for managers and employees so we know what sexual harassment is, what our rights are and how to report these experiences to the company;
o McDonald’s establish a clear reporting system when we experience sexual harassment that includes prompt investigation of our claims

Why is this important?

Whilst working at McDonald's, I suffered sexual harassment. When I sought help, I was fobbed off.

McDonald’s closely monitors everything we do from how fast we prep orders to the type of lettuce we serve – it has the power and the responsibility to make sure all workers are protected from harassment on the job, but has failed to do so.

They make billions in profit from our hard work, but you can’t put a price on our rights.

Please, join our campaign and show McDonald's we are no longer facing this alone.

Reasons for signing

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  • Employees have a right to be protected and Employers must respect
  • No one should have to endure sexual harassment at work in this day and age. It is the employer's (big or small) duty to take it seriously and put a stop to it.


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