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To: UK Government

Raise the minimum wage to £15 an hour for childcare workers

Childcare is one of the best jobs in the world but childcare workers are some of the lowest paid.

The UK’s national shortage of childcare and early years education workers won’t end unless this becomes a profession where people are paid a fair minimum wage of £15 an hour.

Why is this important?

Childcare and early years education workers have an immense responsibility. They look after and educate the youngest members of our society and help give children the best start in life.

But years of Government underfunding have made it harder and harder for childcare workers to stay in the sector, and manage financially.

Thousands of childcare workers live wage-packet to wage-packet, struggling to get by. Like many of us in this cost of living crisis, they are now being pushed to the brink by eye-watering bills and soaring prices.

Low wages hurt not just childcare workers, but everyone who relies on their help to raise a family. Parents from all sectors need high quality childcare to get by.

It takes a village to raise a child. Let’s raise the standards for childcare and early years education workers so they get the pay and respect they deserve.

Childcare and early years education workers are just some of many workers who are struggling to get by on low wages. We support the TUC's campaign calling for £15 an hour for all workers:


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