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  • P&O Ferries' jobs massacre second anniversary: Never again!
    The 17th March 2024 marks two years since P&O Ferries’ mass-sacking of 786 seafarers in one of the most egregious acts of corporate vandalism in recent history. This once quintessentially British brand sacked it’s entire UK-based seafaring workforce without consultation or notice, replacing them with exploited labour from abroad, some paid less than the UK minimum wage. These shocking actions were compounded by the sheer arrogance of CEO Peter Hebblethwaite testifying before a committee of Parliament that he would make the same decision again. Shortly after, then Transport Secretary Grant Shapps vowed to act to ensure another P&O Ferries could never happen again. Government efforts have since focussed on two things;: the Seafarers’ Wages Bill and the Seafarers’ Welfare Charter. But this legislation lacks bite. It will not deter bad employers like P&O from treating staff like disposable labour. The legal loopholes P&O Ferries exploited have not been closed, and fire and rehire has not been outlawed. We are calling on current and future Governments to learn the lessons and take action: - Close the loopholes - End fire and rehire - Support employment standards reflective of local conditions, not international minimums, across the maritime industry.
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  • National Museums Liverpool: Pay the £1,500 cost-of-living payment you owe
    Last year, thousands of PCS members went out on strike over pay and conditions. In summer 2023 the government backed down and 206 employers in the public sector agreed to pay each worker a one-off £1,500 payment to part-compensate for inflation rises and hardship caused by covid. National Museums Liverpool is the only employer which has so far refused to pay its staff the additional money. Staff working across the 7 museums in Liverpool are struggling to make ends meet because of low pay. Many National Museums Liverpool staff are among the lowest paid workers in the public sector and are at the sharp end of the cost-of living crisis. Wages for many staff members have stagnated over the last decade and most staff find themselves poorer than they were, even at the height of austerity.
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  • Urgent support needed for sub-contracted track maintenance workers on the Tube
    RMT is calling on the Mayor of London and Transport for London Commissioner Andy Lord to end the privatisation of essential safety critical track maintenance workers on London Underground and stop the race to the bottom in their employment by protecting their earnings.
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  • Demand a pay rise for catering workers at Drax Power Station
    Unite the Union are calling for a £1 per hour increase for all catering workers at Drax Power Station
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    Created by Chris Rawlinson
  • Save Our Schools - Stop the £8.2 million cut to Edinburgh Schools
    Reverse the planned £8.2 million cut to Education which, if implemented, will be devastating for teaching, learning and wellbeing in our schools.
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    The Council must halt the cuts and: - look for savings by investing in Council services to produce efficiency savings - stop paying private providers at a premium - consult with the Trade Unions on all restructures
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    Created by Dave Ratchford
  • Give Us Better Buses for England!
    We call on the Government to urgently deliver high quality bus services, safe and accessible for everyone including disabled people, for all communities throughout England. This will require: · Guaranteed, long term funding to make public transport the most efficient, reliable, affordable and attractive travel option · A move away from the current commercially led model to franchising and public ownership · Services that run from early in the morning to late at night seven days a week in all areas and communities · Full integration with rail services and other transport · Simplified ticketing and improved information on and off buses
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    Created by Fran Postlethwaite
  • BrewDog: Don't scrap the Living Wage!
    BrewDog's decision to withdraw the real Living Wage for bar workers during the most acute cost of living crisis in a generation is outrageous. The real Living Wage has been a cornerstone of BrewDog’s public identity since 2014. Scrapping the company's pledge is a shocking blow for bar workers. The real-terms pay cut for hard-working front line staff is directly opposed to BrewDog’s previous claim that “our crew are our most important resource - and giving them fair pay for the work they do is one of our core beliefs.” BrewDog management and multi-millionaire CEO James Watt must reverse this awful decision and do the right thing by the workers who have made the company's millions.
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  • Stop Suffolk Council’s 100% Arts & Culture Funding Cuts
    We demand that you stop your extreme move to delete the entire core funding arts and museums budget for Suffolk Council. These deeply damaging cuts will disproportionately impact theatre companies and other organisations that deliver community focussed work, performances and workshops for children and adults with special education needs, families, and local residents. Every person in Suffolk deserves to access to arts and culture, and for a tiny fraction of your annual budget, you can make this happen. We demand you stop your planned 100% cuts to arts and culture funding in Suffolk now.
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  • Re-Instate Essential Car User at North Lincs Council
    We want Essential Car User allowance re-instated. On 1st October 2012 North Lincolnshire Council revoked the ‘Essential User Allowance’ afforded to its staff who use their personal vehicles to undertake essential council business without agreement. This was previously a monthly payment paid to staff in their salary, which equated to approx £1200-£1800 per year, per employee. This was replaced by the measly 45p per mile mileage rate. An increase in yearly car insurance premiums for the employee to include business use (approx. £100 extra per year per driver), an increase in the cost of fuel, and the cost of wear and tear on personal vehicles is not being met by the council. This is unfair. The essential jobs who were in receipt of a car allowance were – Social Workers (children & Adults) Early Years Practitioners Family Support Workers Highways & Estates Officers Care Assistants (Adults) Environmental Health Officers Licensing Officers Food Safety Officers Housing Officers & Trading Standards Officers Development Management Officers (planning officers) Planning Enforcement Officers & Building Control Officers Those members of staff above a grade 12 (scp55 - £57,000+) were in receipt of a car allowance of 16% in addition to their yearly salary.
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  • Fair wage on stage: Don’t slash ENO chorus contracts
    We urge you to abandon your plans to make dramatic cuts to ENO chorus and stage management contracts. Your proposal to reduce chorus contracts to cover just six months of the year would slash pay by 40%, making it near impossible to live on ENO salaries. We understand that these cuts result from your plans to reduce the ENO’s opera season in London following a reduction in Arts Council England funding. However, we believe these proposals are disproportionate, unsustainable for Equity members at ENO and show disregard for your artistic workforce. Despite announcing that the ENO will establish a new base in Manchester, you have refused to guarantee any involvement in Manchester for your existing permanent artistic workforce, as well as refusing to confirm that there will be no compulsory redundancies. You are also seeking detrimental changes to chorus contracts which would worsen their terms of employment at the same time as they experience a catastrophic drop in their income. We demand that the ENO chorus are guaranteed: • A seven month permanent contract, with paid holiday to be taken in addition to the seven months. • Chorus to be given first refusal of any work in Manchester, on union negotiated terms and conditions. • No compulsory redundancies. • No worsening of terms to the current chorus house agreement. • An annual vocal maintenance payment to cover singing lessons, coaching and support with vocal health when the chorus are not working on ENO shows. • A regular weekday off each week, enabling the chorus to plan for other work.
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    Created by Zoe Ellsmore
  • York City Centre Cycle Lane
    This petition stands strongly to make the Blake Street - Parliament Street Cycle Lane proposed in 2021 by the York Cycle Campaign an integral and priority part of York's new transport plan. It's about improving cycling in the city and uniting to support this much-needed change. By backing this cycle lane, we are securing a new deal for cyclists in York, safety, efficiency, convenience, and quality of life. This is our chance to stand together and show the incoming mayor just how much this critical infrastructure is needed. By joining forces, we will demonstrate just how important this is, not just for cyclists but for boosting our local economy, making the streets safer, and giving residents a better share experience. Let's come together to steer the city towards this critical upgrade mission! Sign this petition and make your voice heard! Further action can be taken here:
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    Created by Cristian Santabarbara