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To: The Board of Directors, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Send a message: Fair pay for staff at Airedale Hospital now

GMB union members and workers at Airedale Hospital are demanding respect and fair pay.

Write to the Board of Directors and show them how many of us are backing these workers.

Why is this important?

Every day since March 2020, these workers have put themselves at risk; at risk of getting infected and at risk of infecting their family. To discover the subsidiary you set up and oversee has been paying many of these workers on less than the standard NHS pay, terms and conditions is unacceptable.

Tell the Board of Directors: Support and direct your wholly-owned subsidiary, AGH Solutions, to meet the GMB demand for harmonisation for all staff with the NHS Agenda for Change contract; or dissolve the wholly-owned subsidiary to harmonise all staff with the NHS Agenda for Change contract.

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