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To: Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville & Chief Executive Tim Shields

Sick Pay for all Hackney Council workers

This campaign has ended.

Hundreds of workers in Council office buildings, schools & children centres, and in the community - cleaners, security, parking and catering staff - have been facing a tough choice: take a pay cut whilst self-isolating for coronavirus symptoms, or come into work and risk infecting workers and pupils alike.

These key workers earn as little as £10.75 per hour, meaning they could lose up to £334.15 per week by only getting the minimum Statutory Sick Pay. For many already struggling financially, they cannot afford not to work.

In one cleaner's words "I think I’ve already had it, me and my child. I couldn’t take time off though. I still came into work, I was so sick, but what could I do? I felt guilty, but I couldn’t afford to stay home. I know there are a few of us in the same situation.”

Hackney's Trade Unions - UNISON, Unite, GMB, NEU and UCU - think this is not only unfair but especially dangerous in one of the worst hit areas in the country, and the private companies that employ them should give full sick pay. The Council says they cannot get involved but this isn't true - they could continue to pressure these companies, financially cover any pay gaps, or ultimately consider the risk to workers and pupils a breach of contract & bring the services back in-house earlier than planned.

Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville has already shown his support for Homerton Hospital cleaners, it is only right that he backs everyone working for his Council.

Please sign this petition to support these key workers and protect our community, and sign the TUC's petition at

Why is this important?

These employers are not only putting the health and safety of their own staff at risk, they are also putting the health and safety of all staff at risk. Every time someone sick is forced to come to work they spread the virus, especially at a time when cleaning is at the forefront of controlling the virus.

We know that faced with a choice of full pay or statutory sick pay, most staff haven’t got the luxury to suffer the pay drop.

The Council must do something. The cost of doing nothing is so much more than it would ever cost for the Council to ensure the safety of its staff and the communities they serve.

Jointly submitted by Hackney branches of UNISON, Unite, GMB, NEU and UCU
London Borough of Hackney, London, UK

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2020-08-05 15:22:05 +0100

Hi everyone, after much campaigning and lobbying by the Council, Homerton Hospital outsourced workers will now receive full sick pay from day 1 (see Many other public sector organisations have made similar arrangements.

This makes Hackney Council's failure to ensure their own outsourced workers receive the same even more damning.

Please continue signing and sharing this petition to pressure the Council into doing the right thing!

2020-06-18 10:17:50 +0100

Fantastic response so far showing support for these key workers and stopping the virus spreading

A recent school closure ( proves how relevant and important this issue is, so please keep signing and sharing the petition


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