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To: UK Government

#SickPayForAll: Guarantee decent sick pay for every worker

No one who self-isolates should feel forced to go to work because they can’t afford to pay their bills.

Demand the government:
1. Scrap the minimum earnings threshold for statutory sick pay
2. Increase the weekly level of sick pay to at least £330 per week
3. Give employers the resources to afford sick pay for their workers

Why is this important?

For those who do qualify, the current payment of £96.35 a week is not enough to pay the bills. 4 in 10 workers would be forced into financial hardship.

At a time of increasing cases, fixing statutory sick pay can prevent the spread of the virus and ensure millions can get paid to quarantine safely at home.

No one who self-isolates should worry about putting food on the table.

No one should feel forced to go to work instead of recovering from the virus.

Everyone has the right to decent sick pay.



2021-07-08 17:10:35 +0100

Huge thank you to everyone who's signed the petition so far! This campaign is really gathering steam, and it's all down to you.

With Covid cases rising, we're ramping up the pressure on the government to do the right thing by workers. That's why we're organising an emergency briefing next Thursday, 15th July for every MP in Parliament, and are asking them to pledge to boost sick pay. Politicians will hear about the gaps from experts and workers are struggling without a decent safety net.

There's still time for your MP to register, so please invite them to join us if they haven't already. It takes 2 minutes to send them an email using our handy tool:

Thanks for bringing them to the table.

In determination,
Sick Pay for All Campaign

2021-07-03 12:22:38 +0100

50,000 signatures reached