Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
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  • Stop cuts to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
    We have some fantastic news. On Monday, South Yorkshire Fire Authority voted against cutting the number of firefighters riding a fire engine from five to four. Together, we've saved 84 firefighter jobs and helped to keep South Yorkshire residents safe. We couldn't have done it without your support.
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    Created by Fire Brigades Union
  • Microsoft: Protect workers’ privacy in Office 365
    Microsoft have responded to the public outcry over their worker Productivity Score feature by announcing they are removing the parts that allowed managers to see individual workers’ data in Office 365, and only keeping the averaged, anonymous data.
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    Created by Prospect Union
  • #ONENHS: Fair pay for Compass hospital workers
    We are hospital support staff working for Compass in St Helens & Knowsley and Blackpool NHS Trusts. We keep hospitals clean, cook for patients and keep them safe. We are paid over £1000 less per year and have worse terms & conditions than some of our colleagues who do the same jobs. That's why we are standing together for fair pay and fair treatment. #ONENHS, nobody left out.
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • #PayUpEngie: Fair Pay for Tameside Hospital Security Guards Now!
    We won the dispute earlier this year. I didn't realise you could end these petitions until just now!
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • Support Lincolnshire Health Visitors
    The health visitors were moved on to a higher pay band.
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  • Don't cut fire services in Devon and Somerset
    On 10 January, Devon and Somerset Fire Authority voted on the proposed cuts to Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. Thanks to tireless campaigning from our members and supporters, we saved 6 stations from closure, over 100 jobs, and stopped three whole-time stations open 24-hours a day from being downgraded to day-crewed stations. We also stopped the third fire engines at Bridgwater, Taunton, Torquay and Yeovil stations from being removed entirely, which will now be replaced by an alternative vehicle. Unfortunately some of the cuts were still pushed through - such as the closure of Budleigh Salterton station – but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved.
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  • Email East Sussex Fire Authority to demand they stop fire and rescue cuts
    Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were forced to rethink the cuts and put forward new proposals. These proposals have now been accepted by the fire authority. Under the new plan, four fire engines have been saved and a number of stations will retain whole-time firefighters for day-time fire cover seven days a week. The service has also been forced to change plans which would have seen huge numbers of firefighter posts cut. Together, we’ve helped to keep East Sussex residents safe.
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    Created by Fire Brigades Union
  • Tell Medway Council & Medway Norse – Guarantee safety of refuse collectors & public now!
    Unite reps are pleased to announce that we have won in our dispute at Medway Norse and have ensured a safe environment for the staff and the local community. Thanks to the strength of workers who stood together and the support of people like you who signed our petition, Medway Norse have agreed to pay all staff for yesterday and today regardless if they went to work or not, they have implemented social distancing measures, PPE (such as hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Wipes and Masks) have been made available, and all staff are guaranteed toilet access even if they close the toilets to the public. On behalf of Unite the Union, we would like to send a big thank you to everyone who signed and shared the petition and backed our members to get this victory.
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    Created by Jack Bidmead