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To: Jacqueline Fennessey, owner of the 13th Note, the Bungo and the Left Banke

Support the 13th Note workers!

At the end of February of this year, workers at the 13th Note, represented by our trade union Unite Hospitality, lodged a collective grievance against our employer citing major concerns regarding poverty pay, a lack of legitimate contracts, major health and safety breaches, physically and mentally punishing working conditions and pay discrimination by age and gender.

Since then, there have been some – mainly cosmetic – improvements, yet our staff are still being denied the Real Living Wage and our employer refuses to negotiate on contracts.

Despite Unite Hospitality representing 95% of the workforce at the 13th Note, our employer has told us that she has “no intention” of recognising Unite Hospitality as our trade union representative.
We ask you to please sign our petition to show your support for the 95% of the 13th Note staff who continue to struggle for better pay and conditions. Our message to our employer, Jacqueline Fennessey, is this:

• Recognise Unite Hospitality as the sole trade union for collective bargaining purposes at the 13th Note
• Meet with our representatives to negotiate on paying a minimum of the Real Living Wage and union contracts.
• Immediately address all health and safety concerns that remain unresolved to avoid any further damage to the health and wellbeing of staff.
• Immediately address concerns around understaffing to avoid any further damage to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of staff.

Why is this important?

For too long hospitality workers have been subject to abusive, hyper-exploitative, unsafe and insecure working conditions. Workers at the 13th Note, represented by Unite Hospitality, are part of a sector-wide upsurge in union activity to tackle these problems and achieve decent and dignified jobs.

We stand with our friends in other unions, such as the IWW, who also play a crucial role in organising our sector, seen recently in the Saramago dispute.

We struggle not solely for ourselves but for the survival of the arts, cultural and live music scenes which are facilitated by our labour. Hospitality is a key component of social life in this country and we deserve to be properly compensated for our role in that.
50-60 King St, Glasgow G1 5QT, UK

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