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To: Mayor of West of England Combined Authority and Council Leaders of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset

Take West of England Buses Into Public Control

Dear Mayor & Council Leaders,

Please take our buses into public control.


The People of the West of England

Why is this important?

Currently: local authorities have no control over commercial bus services.This means bus companies do what they like, dictating prices, routes, and timetables.

This means: routes have been cut, unreliable services, skyrocketing fares, and poor working conditions for drivers.

Public control can deliver the network you deserve that is run:

where you need it — meaning profits from busy routes can be used to subsidize less busy but needed services.

when you need it — meaning new minimum standards on reliability and sensible timetables, with penalities for letting passengers down.

how you need it — meaning a single set of affordable, integrated tickets that work on all buses and vehicles that are accessible for all.

What CAN be done:

Dan Norris, the West of England Combined Authority mayor and council leaders from Bristol, South Gloucestershire and B&NES have the power to bring your buses into public control.
Politicians are there to represent YOU! Let them know you think buses should be in public control.

What WILL be done

We will deliver this petition to WECA and council leaders to demonstrate that communities across the West of England want our leaders to use their power to regulate and bring buses into public control.

Who is Behind This?

Environmental groups, charities, and trade unions from across the West of England are backing the call for public control of buses. All three councils have made statements in support of public control being investigated


Find out more about how to get involved here:
Rivergate House, 70 Redcliff St, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6AL, UK

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