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To: Addaction

Addaction: don't break your pay promises!

Addaction Wigan and Leigh: pay your drug and alcohol support workers the NHS Agenda for Change 2018 pay award you repeatedly promised us.

Why is this important?

"Supporting people to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is an incredibly tough job and makes a difference for every single one of us in Wigan.

"Addaction’s employees deserve the pay settlement they were promised when they moved from the NHS to Addaction". Lisa Nandy, Wigan MP

Drug and alcohol addiction effects all members of UK society, irrespective of their social and economic background, their education and occupation.

It doesn't just effect the individuals who suffer these problems, it impacts negatively on their families and the communities they live in. It impacts on their ability to contribute economically and socially to their communities.

It impacts on their ability to care for their children, the next generation in our society. Ultimately it can lead to premature and avoidable deaths.

But it doesn't have to.

Treatment can work, people can recover, they can regain health, self esteem and become fully functioning members of our society. We work hard for Addaction in Wigan and Leigh to ensure that people do recover.

For Addaction to achieve this, they need to both recruit and retain experienced staff with appropriate expertise and a caring approach. We work in this field because we care and because it's rewarding to support recovery, but we deserve to make a decent living.

When we transferred over to Addaction from the NHS, we were promised the NHS rate for the job, but Addaction have gone back on their word.

We deserve a decent wage for doing what is an important job for our communities. Please sign the petition to support us.

#AFCForAll #NHSPayForAll #PayUpAddaction

North West, England

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Reasons for signing

  • Don't break a promise Addaction. Staff are fulfilling their part of the deal by working with vulnerable people, a lot of whom live chaotic lives and rely on the staff at Addaction. Do the right thing. You know it makes sense.
  • Addaction - honour your obligations and pay these workers what you owe them. Simple as that!
  • Do a very hard job dealing with vulnerable people.


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