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To: Ben Butterworth - Engie North West Account Director

Fair Pay for East Lancs Engie Security Staff

Fair Pay for East Lancs Engie Security Staff

Engie security staff at Blackburn and Burnley hospitals are paid far less than our NHS colleagues in security and aren't entitled to the same enhancements.

Staff have come together, in our union UNISON, to demand that Engie pay the full Agenda for Change rates that other NHS security workers receive.

Why is this important?

Engie security staff at Blackburn and Burnley hospitals work around the clock to keep people safe at the hospital but are paid far less than our colleagues who do the same job for the NHS.

We are often forced to take on unhealthy amounts of overtime that take us away from their families and impacts our health and wellbeing due to low pay.

For too long outsourced companies have exploited their staff for private profit. By supporting Engie staff, you are taking a stand against this.

Fair pay must be at the centre of all public services. As a vital part of the NHS team, Engie Security staff deserve the same pay and conditions as our NHS colleagues.

Blackburn, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I used to work at the hospitals on the wards. I have seen the hard work they do. They support medical staff when in crisis with patients that are being aggressive. They play a vital role within the organisation and their pay should reflect this.
  • As an NHS Junior Doctor, security staff are part of our team and often help us out of escalating or tough situations. It is disgraceful that these NHS heroes get less than NHS rates, terms and conditions. Pay up, bring in house, and value them properly! Emma Runswick, BMA Council
  • Well deserved.


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