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To: Ann Marr - Chief Executive, and Anne Marie Stretch - Head of HR and Deputy Chief Executive

Fair pay for NHS pandemic heroes working at Whiston Hospital

The microbiology biomedical scientists (BMS) covered all PCR testing for Covid during the pandemic and increased their efforts increasing the number of staff available during out of hour shifts to support the demand and improve outcomes for patients during a national emergency. This was done not as a request but a conscious decision made by staff.

The staff involved are the only BMS group within pathology who cover the out of hours 24/7service that don’t qualify for the essential service payment . This is unfair and an insult to those who went above and beyond to ensure the public were kept safe and still do to this day.

Staff are merely asking for a consistent approach in paying staff for providing an equally essential service.

Please sign this petition to support the position that the staff involved are paid equally for the service they provide.

Why is this important?

The staff involved are merely asking for equal pay which on principle is only fair. The NHS workers consciously doubled up on all out of hour shifts during the pandemic to ensure the public and those within the local area were kept safe. The testing they still do is a continuation of their commitment to their roles and supporting the public.

Those involved have all struggled with the public through the recent inflationary rises and longstanding pay deficits imposed by the government and the decision to not offer an equal payment to the staff has impacted them more so as a result.

Please sign the petition to show both your support for the NHS pandemic heroes and show your disdain around a management decision to not include the staff involved.
Rainhill, Prescot L35 5DR, UK

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