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To: Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport

Keep DVLA staff safe

Write a letter to Grant Schapps, demanding he intervene and instruct DVLA managers to settle this dispute and keep workers safe.

Why is this important?

PCS members have been in dispute with DVLA management and the Department for Transport (DfT) since January over covid safety in the workplace. With the highest numbers of workplace cases, management were slow to act and showed scant disregard for members health. After 8 days of strike action PCS negotiated a deal to end the dispute and put in place clear safeguards for those in work.

At the 11th hour the draft agreement was scrapped by management without a clear explanation why. Further strike action is now underway.

We believe government ministers stopped the DVLA management signing the deal. We need to apply pressure to the Secretary of State to settle this dispute. Please sign the email to him. It’s your right to be heard and only pressure from union members and our friends and family will work now.



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