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To: Angie Ridgewell, CEO of Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council: Regrade and Recognition Now!

We are Social Care Support Officers who provide essential frontline support to individuals and families across Lancashire County Council.  

Working alongside Social Workers and other colleagues in Adult Services, we work above and beyond our pay grades to provide the best outcomes for the people we work with.

We are calling on Lancashire County Council to give us the pay, respect, recognition and clear working arrangements we deserve.

Why is this important?

Over time we have seen a substantial change in our job role.  The cases we handle are far more complex and challenging as services user needs have changed.

We are now handling cases that can include severe mental health, neglect, abuse, exploitation and other situations which previously were exclusively dealt with by Social Workers.

Lancashire County Council found the majority of Social Care Support Officers to be working at a higher grade, but our regrading did not result in our grade increasing.

The service will simply not survive if skilled and dedicated workers are forced to leave because of low pay and lack of recognition for our work.

Lancashire, UK

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