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To: Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Mersey Care NHS workers deserve redundancy pay

With the Whalley Site closing on Easter Sunday, today Mersey Care have refused to commit to redundancy pay for the 100+ workers who will be left without a job.

The trust must commit to full contractual redundancy owed to these workers and to notifying them as soon as possible so they can have some financial security as they are forced to look for new employment.

Why is this important?

An NHS trust has closed a site a considerable distance from the rest of its sites.

After offering workers the chance to relocate, those who cannot commit to making such a long commute are being threatened with being laid-off without the contractual redundancy pay they're entitled to.

They will be made redundant this Easter Sunday without any commitment to any future pay from the trust.

The trust should do the right think and make sure these workers are fairly compensated.

Whalley, Clitheroe BB7, UK

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