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To: Compass UK Group

#ONENHS: Fair pay for Compass hospital workers

Compass: commit to ending the two-tier workforce you've helped to create in St Helens, Blackpool and Liverpool hospitals.

Pay the full NHS Agenda for Change (AFC) rate of £9.03 to all staff.

Commit to full NHS AFC terms and conditions for all staff, including enhancements and occupational sick pay.

Commit to ongoing pay parity with colleagues on AFC contracts.

Why is this important?

We are hospital support staff working for Compass in St Helens, Blackpool and Liverpool NHS Trusts. We keep hospitals clean, cook for patients and keep them safe.

We are paid over £1000 less per year and have worse terms & conditions than some of our colleagues who do the same jobs. That's why we are standing together for fair pay and fair treatment.

#ONENHS, nobody left out.

Reasons for signing

  • We need equal pay and benefits for doing the same job
  • Compass boast of their huge annual turnovers. Now it's time pay their staff what they deserve and treat them as equals to their NHS counterparts.
  • We want fair pay


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