• Ofsted: Make good on pay promises
    Ofsted staff deserve better: better compensation, and better working conditions. Both of these can only be achieved through an increase of pay. It's time Ofsted made good on their promise to fight for their staff. Ofsted pay fails to keep pace in the wider marketplace for leaders in the education and social care sector. This in turn leads to chronic understaffing (as recorded in both NAO and PAC reports) and overwork for those in post. Last year Ofsted promised a business case for pay flexibility in 2019, but it has backtracked on that commitment. The 2019 pay remit outlines a 1% increase on pay bill with an additional 1% available where departmental budgets allow. This means that, in the best case scenario, Ofsted staff will receive a below-inflation 2% rise. Other government employers, including HMRC, Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office, Department for Exiting the European Union, Department for International Trade, and Government Legal Department have signalled they value their staff by submitting a business case for pay flexibility. Ofsted need to do the same. This petition calls on Her Majesty's Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, to prioritise Ofsted's hard-working, dedicated staff and submit a business case for pay in 2019
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  • McDonald's: End harassment in your stores
    Whilst working at McDonald's, I suffered sexual harassment. When I sought help, I was fobbed off. McDonald’s closely monitors everything we do from how fast we prep orders to the type of lettuce we serve – it has the power and the responsibility to make sure all workers are protected from harassment on the job, but has failed to do so. They make billions in profit from our hard work, but you can’t put a price on our rights. Please, join our campaign and show McDonald's we are no longer facing this alone.
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    Created by Christine H
  • Living wage and union rights at Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels now
    I have worked in an Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) branded hotel for 14 years. I’m also a member of Unite the union’s hospitality workers branch. My colleagues and I are overworked and poorly paid. Some of us are bullied and verbally abused on a daily basis by managers working to impossible targets. I’m proud of my union membership. But it’s not something I can openly talk about at work – it’s pretty much a no go area at IHG. So is decent pay, working in a hotel means that we are among some of the lowest paid workers in the UK. Shockingly around 80 per cent of us are paid less than the real living wage, which is £9 an hour/ or £10.55 an hour in London. IHG made $27.4bn last year. It can afford to pay us a wage we can live on. It should also respect my union. In 2009, my employer signed up to the United Nations Global Compact, committing to uphold 10 principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. I actually thought that things would be different because my employer is a signatory to this international UN agreement, but it’s not. After nearly a decade of my union trying to negotiate access to IHG’s London hotels, including Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, we’ve had enough. Unite has now sent a formal complaint to the UN Global Compact. Please support me and my colleagues by signing and sharing this petition. Join us in calling on Keith Barr to work with our union, Unite. It’s only by working together with our union that we can root out low pay, insecure work, bullying and exploitation from IHG hotels in the UK. Tell him also that the UN Global Compact has got to be genuine. Promoting and protecting human rights at work needs to be more than a box ticking exercise. Thank you, John (name changed to protect identity)
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  • Punish minimum wage cheating companies
    Every worker deserves fair pay and a secure job. But wage theft is widespread and pushing working people into poverty. Until March 2018, the Government was publishing minimum wage cheats quarterly but has since stopped reporting. And there are already fines when an offence is committed, that could easily be increased. If the Government is serious about the National Minimum Wage, it must do more to enforce it. A new report has found up to 439,000 people were paid less than their legal entitlement in April 2018, equivalent to 23 per cent of all minimum wage workers. And 135,000 people were still paid less than £7.20 an hour, the level at which the National Living Wage had been set in 2016. The Government must do more to tackle wage theft, by naming, shaming and punishing companies that break the rules.
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  • Save Ealing Tax Office from closure
    HMRC’s ill-considered office closure plans, which they still euphemistically call ‘Building Our Future’, will have a particularly heavy impact on PCS members working in International House in Ealing. Many members working in the office have been redeployed previously, some several times, before being based at Ealing having therefore already gone through the “torment” of earlier office closures. As a result many Ealing staff do not live in Ealing and this combined with a significant proportion of staff having caring responsibilities and/or disabilities - making it near impossible for them to commute to Stratford. The closure of International House, if the work there is not relocated locally to another premises will mean that HMRC will no longer have a presence in Ealing, leading to a detrimental local socio economic impact in the area, the impact to the local economy could be as much as £1million per year.
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  • Demand a £10 per hour National Living Wage
    Having a job should guarantee your family doesn't live in poverty. But right now that's not the case. Millions of working people are trapped in low paying, insecure work with no path out. Not only is the percentage of those in poverty living in a working household at its highest since records began, but so is the percentage of children from working households living in poverty. Theresa May might think this is fine, but we don't. That's why on the 20th anniversary of the minimum wage, I'm calling on the Prime Minister to lift the minimum wage to at least £10 per hour and give a pay rise to 4 million people.
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  • Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch Demand Fair Pay for MPs Staff
    In the annual budget set by Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), MPs are to receive an above-inflation pay increase of 2.7% while MPs staffing budgets rise by 1.5% - below the level of inflation. This equates to a real-terms cut in staffing budgets and a below inflation pay rise for staff if their employer chooses to pass this on in wages. IPSA have justified the 2.7% pay-rise for MPs by stating that it is based on the average increase in public sector earnings published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). In contrast, the increase for MPs’ staffing budgets falls significantly below the public sector average. Not only this, it also fails to keep pace with the rising cost of living. By its own admission, IPSA sees any potential for a real-terms increase in the pay of MPs staff as counter to “value for money to the tax payer”. It is clear that the IPSA view staff as little more than additional office costs, rather than workers who have to live on the wage paid to them through the staffing budgets afforded to their employers. It’s also clear that little to no consideration has been given to the challenging nature of our role and the ever-increasing complexity and volume of the work we are faced with. Aside from the lower levels of pay afforded to MPs staff, it’s well known that we are offered limited options for career progression within their chosen role and until recently have had extremely low levels of employment protections within our workplace. This is against the backdrop of the bullying and sexual harassment that has been widely reported recently and evidenced in the Dame Laura Cox inquiry. Staff of MPs deserve better. We deserve to be paid properly for the work that we do and the vital role we play in the day-to-day workings of our employers and the lives of the constituents they were elected to serve. We are extremely disappointed at the apathy displayed by IPSA towards MPs staff, and the dismissive attitude it has taken toward our repeated calls for fair pay.
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  • Ban unpaid trial shifts
    People who are desperate for work take these shifts and can work for up to 40 hours, before being let go. Far too many employers have made potential employees do a full day “trial shift”. Not paying workers is wage theft. Everybody deserves a fair day’s pay for an honest day’s work. The current laws allow companies to invite prospective employees to do trial shifts that may, or may not, lead to a job offer. This practice is spreading and something must be done.
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  • Honda, stay in the UK #SaveHondaSwindon
    We are the workers from Honda Swindon. We urgently need your support. Honda has said that in 2021 it will close the plant in which we work. 3500 direct jobs and possibly 12,000 jobs or more across the country will be lost as a result. The fallout will be felt in jobs and communities across the south west and the UK. But we believe that this economic and social catastrophe can be averted. Our workforce at Honda are skilled, dedicated and efficient and together with the supply chain we are dedicated to making this company succeed. Yes, these are challenging times for this industry but with vision and commitment, the UK can be the world leader in the new technology car manufacturing needs to thrive. Honda is well positioned to benefit. So we are urging Honda to think again. Honda, do not turn your back on a world-class, loyal workforce determined to bring you continued success. We have dedicated our working lives to Honda Swindon. Through our hard work this company has thrived - all we ask now is the chance to make our case for the future we deserve. Please help us fight for - and win - a brighter future.
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  • Improve maternity pay for women pilots
    Only 6% of Britain's airline pilots are women. And almost every UK airline offers the absolute statutory minimum maternity pay provision. This is despite the fact that pilots have to repay their training loans – amounting to over £100,000 in many cases – even when on maternity leave. That means that women pilots on maternity leave lose up to 90% of their earnings and end up spending more money on their training loan repayments than they bring in in maternity pay – let alone anything left over for living costs. We need to make the piloting job more family friendly and attractive to women if we want to increase the number of women applying to become pilots. Many of the hardships associated with an 80-90% reduction in pay are obvious, particularly those which coincide with the extra expenditure involved in preparing for a new baby. Many women pilots are the highest earners within their families – the traditional ‘breadwinner’ role. Some are single parent families. Increasingly, women pilots are also servicing debt from the costs of higher education and flight training, along with saving for the costs of buying a first house. Women pilots have told us : “The current maternity package does not encourage women into aviation and in my case is stopping me from having the freedom to start a family when I am ready.” “The statutory maternity provision is less than half my loan repayment.” “Ultimately we found ourselves debating whether it would be better to keep the baby and move out of the home we have just settled in to, or have an abortion and spend a few years figuring out a financial plan”
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  • Restore the overtime floor in the Major Motion Picture Agreement
    The Major Motion Picture Agreement (MMPA) between PACT and BECTU came into effect in April 2018. This agreement holds many benefits for our members, however since its implementation, many junior grades are now finding themselves significantly financially worse off as a result. Previously the trainees, assistants and runners were paid a customary £35 (non-camera) and £50 (camera) for their overtime. Under the new agreement, these thresholds have been stripped back reducing annual income for many. The long-term consequences threaten a reduction in the diversity of the industry, and a loss of skilled people coming into the industry. Talks between BECTU and PACT will reopen later this month and we hope to reinstate the overtime floor. For clarity: anything we negotiate on behalf of our junior grade members will not be to the detriment of the wider membership. By signing this petition, you are supporting BECTU by demonstrating to PACT that this is a widely felt issue. Please sign and share with your colleagues of all departments and grades For more information on the issue read the news story https://www.bectu.org.uk/news/2875 For the full Major Motion Picture Agreement visit https://www.bectu.org.uk/advice-resources/agreements/pact-major-motion-picture
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  • Ban zero-hours contracts
    Every worker should have the right to a contract that guarantees the hours they work and the conditions they need for a decent working life. Too often zero-hours contracts are being used to exploit workers. Hours are never guaranteed, making financial planning impossible and anxiety inevitable. If ministers are serious about building a country that works for everyone, they must act now to ensure every worker gets fair pay, decent rights and a voice at work.
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