• Thangam Debbonaire MP - Invitation to meet with key workers in Bristol West
    Key workers are getting this country through the pandemic. They headed out to work when the rest of the country stayed at home – putting themselves and their families at risk. It’s time to end the low pay and insecure work that leave many of these workers struggling, and make sure every key worker gets a payrise. The coronavirus crisis demonstrated how much we all owe to all our key workers - healthcare staff, care workers, retail and delivery workers, public transport workers, teachers and support staff, cleaners, energy workers and so many others. Can you write to your MP and invite them to the meeting? They've already been invited by a local leader, but need to know how many of us support this campaign. Every message makes a difference.
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  • Stop the Fire and Rehire at DHL Marks and Spencer: Long Eaton
    The practice of fire and rehire is a disgraceful tactic by a company like DHL, particularly for staff who have heroically worked throughout the pandemic. These staff have hard fought for rights, and the employer must respect them. In this case, a small number of older staff, on legacy contracts feel unable to relocate their place of work to the new DHL site. Their contract has no mobility clause. While the site is close, these members do not own a car and would need to cycle for up to two hours extra a day (on top of 11-15hr shifts) down dangerous unlit and often flooded roads. We demand DHL honour the contractual rights of our members.
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  • Fair Pay for British Council Workers
    Following a year when the British Council faced the largest crisis in the organisation since its inception, Dominic Raab, as the Secretary of State for the parent department (the FCDO), waited until December to refuse additional funding to give staff any sort of pay increase or performance payment in 2020. The British Council is the only government body not to receive a pay award for 2019/2020. Although the British Council has always been expected to toe the line of the Civil Service pay policy in every year prior to 2020, it would seem that it conveniently no longer applies to them. So far the Foreign Secretary has refused to respond to correspondence from PCS requesting that additional finances are provided to the Council. We are asking you to sign this petition to call on the government to listen to its employees, and to treat British Council workers fairly with a pay award for 2020.
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  • Keep BT desk based sites open in London and the South East
    BT has decided as a part of the better work place program to close desk based sites in London and the south east of England and move this work further north and abroad. This will mean as over 4000 high paying jobs and livelihoods will be lost and gravely damage local economies. Every member has their own reasons for needing sites to stay open. Here are just a few of them; - I'm signing to save my job in the south east - We are going through a Pandemic and people are already suffering financially and psychologicaly, it will be unethical to force people out now. The desk based jobs are essential to delivery of services I wish the decision makers could see the impact their hasty decisions will have on individuals on the receiving end. - I am being driven out of my job because of openreach wanting to move their base of operations to strategic sites with no consideration for the destruction and hardship it will cause. Dejected and heartbroken knowing the company I have been so proud to work for thinks so little of my contribution. Sad beyond words! - I want my friend to be able to keep her job! She has given over 25 years to openreach. She deserves to keep her job that she loves! - I am signing because i worked for BT in Brighton office for 15 years and to move it all north is a nonsense as lots of sites in the southeast have been sites of exilence many times - It is ridiculous that BT are closing these key buildings in our capital city where so many long serving employees are based. Another example of a Senior Management Initiative which takes no account of the impact on it's loyal workforce! - The skill, experience and commitment of desk based planners outweigh the short term Financial gain that Senior management desire Jobs at risk: BT TOWER 502 BAYNARD 843 DARTFORD 111 PURLEY 33 ALDERSHOT 236 COLUMBO 796 ILFORD MILL HOUSE 197 EDMONTON 187 SEVENOAKS WS 372 BRIGHTON WITHDEAN 266 CRAWLEY 126 CANTERBURY BECKETT HOUSE 247 AMBASSADOR HOUSE 99 FARADAY 724 Portsmouth Central 70 Worthing Swandean 40 TOTAL 4,849 staff numbers estimated at the time of publication
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  • Stop the Go North West fire and rehire.
    Sick pay slashed in the middle of a pandemic, terms and conditions attacked, what would you do? Bus drivers with Go North West in Manchester are being bullied and threatened with the sack if they don’t sign new contracts on inferior terms in a brutal fire and rehire attack. The company has refused to row back and has even started hand delivering letters with dismissal dates included for those that don’t sign. Now the drivers, who have worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic and face having their sickness agreement ripped up and working longer hours for less pay, are getting ready to strike after voting by 82.3% to walk out. With your help we can keep the pressure on. Please join us in calling on the CEO of the Go Ahead group David Brown to act. He’s the top chief of the entire group and our best bet of getting the company to take fire and rehire off the table and get them back around the negotiating table. Email Mr Brown now.
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  • Save Eurostar
    Like other rail companies and transport operators, Eurostar has been significantly impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, with passenger numbers and revenue at a fraction of pre-Covid levels. The Eurostar provides a vital, low carbon, link between the UK and mainland Europe, and will be essential to the UK’s green economic recovery from Covid-19. Eurostar is a UK-registered company with its head office in London and the company supports over 3000 UK jobs. It would be disastrous, economically and environmentally, if the service were not protected. Eurostar is part owned by the French state owned operator SNCF, and it has received over £200m in support from shareholders during the pandemic. However, given that it is likely to be some time before passenger numbers return to pre-Covid levels, it needs further assistance to ensure it can survive during the pandemic. Unlike other transport operators, including airlines, Eurostar has not yet received any Covid-19 state support from the UK Government. RMT is calling on the UK Government to urgently agree to work with Eurostar and engage in coordinated action to protect the collapse of this vital transport link and ensure that thousands of UK jobs are protected.
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  • Protect Nottingham’s Linkbus Network
    The Linkbus network is funded by Nottingham City Council as these services ‘fill in the gaps in the network, running on routes that are not commercially viable, but that provide an essential public or community service’. Local bus services prevent social isolation, and enable people to connect with jobs, health services, education and their local economy, and RMT believes that these cuts would be detrimental to the local community and hinder the area’s economic recovery from Covid-19. The Linkbus services are used by a high number of disabled and elderly residents who would be particularly disadvantaged if the services were withdrawn. The draft budget, which includes the proposed cuts to the Linkbus network is being reviewed by the Council on 8th March 2021. A consultation on the proposed Linkbus cuts is open until 21st February and responses can be submitted here - https://www.transportnottingham.com/consultations/changes-to-linkbus-services/ Please sign this petition to protect these vital bus services.
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  • Key Workers demand fair pay at Airedale Hospital
    Employees at AGH Solutions Ltd, a private wholly-owned subsidiary of Airedale NHS Trust responsible for facilities management, estates and procurement services are currently on unequal pay rates despite doing the same job. Workers who were transferred (TUPED) over from the Airedale NHS Trust into AGH Solutions (AGHS) in 2018 remain on the NHS “Agenda For Change” (AFC) contract, while many new starters are paid on lower pay rates. For the majority of workers on the AGHS pay Grade A, this means they receive nearly £1.00 per hour less in basic pay than the rest of their colleagues employed under the NHS AFC contract on Band 2. If you factor in unsocial hours pay on the weekends and nights the wage gap widens much further. “I don’t feel valued. I do the same job as a friend who gets paid more than I do for the same work. It’s not right.” - Shift Porter To outline the pay difference. A Domestic employed on the NHS contract receives a basic rate of £9.89 per hour. If they work between 8pm - 6am or on a Saturday they get paid £14.14 per hour, and if they work on a Sunday they get paid £18.29 per hour. 

In contrast, a Domestic employed on the AGHS contract only gets paid £9.00 per hour no matter when they work. The basic hourly pay gap and the fact that AGHS workers don’t receive unsocial hours enhancements makes a huge difference. This is all without comparing sick pay rates, holiday entitlement and pension plans, all of which are significantly better under AFC. The purpose of this petition, our campaign and the GMB dispute at Airedale Hospital is to end the pay disparity for the majority of workers employed on AGHS pay rates and stop the race to the bottom in our NHS. “GMB will continue to stand-up for key workers. This pandemic has highlighted the tremendous debt of gratitude we all owe our frontline NHS heroes, and at Airedale, with this campaign, we can begin to repay that debt” - Rachel Dix, GMB Regional Organiser
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  • Covid Safety Measures
    Are your Local Authorities Trades People and Council Tenants being put at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 during the National Lockdown? During the first lockdown local authorities across the country reduced the service they provided and carried out emergencies only repairs in occupied houses. Following the announcement from Boris Johnson of a further lockdown on January 5th, some local authorities have been slow to act and are continuing with non-essential works within occupied properties. The workers can visit numerous properties within a day, frequently exposing workers and the tenants to the serious risk of contracting COVID-19. Latest information indicates one in three people do not show any symptoms of the deadly virus. The new strain of the virus is 70% more transmissible and evidence suggests more variants are likely to develop. By signing this petition, you are supporting Unite the Union to help reduce the spread of infections amongst workers and tenants within your Local Authority. Checklist for Members and Reps (Re Construction Tradespersons entering properties and occupied premises) • Unite supports local authorities and housing associations responding to emergency situations and essential maintenance only in occupied properties. • Planned maintenance work can be undertaken in vacant (void) properties provided risk assessments are conducted and strict social distancing measures are enforced at all times. • All necessary PPE supplied to workers who must have it before commencing work and completing jobs safely. • Employers must consult with trade union representatives when producing a risk assessment and the results of risk assessments shared with and communicated to employees. All existing risk assessments need to be reviewed and updated. • Unite reiterates the requirement for dynamic risk assessment which Includes an agreed stop work process, where the assessment highlights a serious risk. Incorporates method statements, including induction processes, being delivered remotely, utilising modern technology to update and inform all employees and workers prior to any works commencing. • Safe systems of work to be reviewed and updated in light of the increased transmission of the new Covid-19 variant. This to include workplace and travel to work policies. • Involvement of Unite stewards and health and safety representatives in all safety discussions. Please see Unite coronavirus guide. • All employers must construct a stop work on health and safety grounds procedure. An employee who believes their safety is threatened can stop work, and work cannot be resumed until a solution is agreed. Develop these procedures with trade union representatives. • All employees afforded protection under section 44 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (the right to withdraw from a work area when faced with imminent risk to health/safety). https://unitetheunion.org/media/3094/legal-s44-100-advice-to-members-returning-to-workplaces-200520.pdf • The right to decline work due to the failure of the responsible entity/person to ensure social distancing on site with no detriment to the worker.
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  • Pay Royal Berkshire Hospital security staff a wage they can live on
    Our members don’t want to strike, particularly not in the middle of a global pandemic. They just want a wage they can live on, but Kingdom management's refusal to engage in meaningful talks over the 2020 pay award, harmonisation of sick pay, as well as enhanced pay for working nights, weekends and overtime has left them with no other option. These are low paid guards, who provide security 24/7 for the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust. The £12p/h for security officers and £13p/h for supervisors they are seeking is modest and affordable. For Kingdom to exploit the pandemic to drive down pay is totally unacceptable. Please Show your support for Kingdom security guards at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Add your name to our email to the Managing Director, urging him to get back around the negotiating table with Unite and pay his staff fairly. *The Unite members first went out on strike on 14 December for five days. The second strike action started on the 4 January for a further 20 days. More action is planned.
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  • Restore Sleep Rates for Outsourced Lancashire Council Care Workers
    The decision to cut rates means we are paid less than the National Minimum Wage for working overnight protecting vulnerable community members. We have worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic and risked our own lives to care for the community for low wages. We are being rewarded with a pay cut as the cost of living spirals. The decision is not cost effective in the long term and will worsen the conditions and quality of care for the community over time. At Christmas, Geoff Driver OBE, Lancashire County Council Leader, sent a message thanking us for the care we provide and acknowledged that we already put in lots of unpaid extra work. Yet he had led the council to cut our pay and with this acknowledgment seems to expect that we will work for free because we care about supporting the most vulnerable members of society. Lots of other North West Local Authorities acknowledged the vital work we undertake and refused to cut wages of their outsourced workers, we ask that Lancashire reverse their decision and show that they value us.
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  • Reinstate Carer's provision in the ''Salford Offer''
    This section was removed from the updated Salford Offer (October 2020) and we the undersigned believe that it affects single parents, that are key workers, in Adult Social Care, unfairly. If an outbreak occurs in a Salford School, where key worker children are situated, it leaves key workers that have child care issues in a vulnerable position financially. Please reconsider.
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