• Waive APD now to support the aviation industry
    Coronavirus is hitting the aviation industry hard. We have already lost Flybe and much of the rest of the industry is in a fight for survival. The Government announced no help at all for the industry in the budget, and it needs significant help now.
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    Created by Richard Toomer
  • Coronavirus: Nobody should lose jobs or pay because their kids' school is closed
    We support measures to reduce the spread and impact of coronavirus, but no-one should be out of pocket, or even worse out of a job, for doing the right thing. When schools and nurseries close for most children, loads of parents will be unable to work because they'll have to look after their kids. But current parental or dependants' leave arrangements are too short and in any case mean going without pay – something most people simply can’t afford. If we want people to follow government health advice, the government has to support parents. And they need to act fast to deal with this emergency. That means: * Keeping everyone on full pay, if their kids' school or childcare closes. * Reimbursing employers – just like they do for maternity pay. * No-one should be treated unfairly or lose their job because they need to look after their kids. Let's support workers in getting us through this epidemic, and make sure no-one loses their job or is pushed into hardship because their kids' school closes. __________ (If you're a working parent and concerned about your own work rights when schools close, find out more where you might stand under the current arrangements here: https://bit.ly/3928WfT )
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  • University of Sheffield Students' Union Staff are #BetterThanZero
    There are currently hundreds of workers at the Students’ Union working in the bars, cafés, shops and kitchens on zero hour contracts, with no access to sick pay, being paid just the minimum wage. They are mostly students who must work to pay their rent and continue their studies. The combination of low pay, an insufficient student loan, and high rent forces casual workers to scrape by in poor quality housing. Being close to maxing out your overdraft is, for many, normal. Their work generates significant income for the Students' Union and is hugely important for the University's reputation. The improvements they are asking for would transform the lives of hundreds, and would cost less than the University's Vice Chancellor earns in a year. We call on the University of Sheffield Students' Union to do the right thing, and show their casual workers that they are valued, that their health and wellbeing matter – that they are #BetterThanZero.
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    Created by Unite at Sheffield SU
  • Save the TPS for Colfe's School teachers!
    We fear that if you go through with this then teachers will leave and you will be unable to replace them with teachers of the same calibre. The long-term impact of this could be catastrophic, leading to a loss of reputation and educational standard. We care about this school for the sake of our kids and all those that will follow them. If we want to guarantee their future, we have to safeguard their teachers' retirement.
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    Created by Andrei Bilic
  • Save 24 hour A&E service at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital
    We believe the downgrading will have a detrimental effect on the local community and our members.
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    Created by Paul Clarke
  • #SickPayForAll: Guarantee decent sick pay for every worker
    Workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak could have to go into quarantine or self-isolation to prevent the further spread of the virus. But already companies like Wetherspoons are refusing to give staff sick pay from day one, even if they are quarantined by government order. Right now millions of UK workers don’t earn enough to get this protection. And even those that do have to be off sick for at least three days before they get paid. And workers with existing sick pay schemes should be paid at the full rate offered by the employer while in isolation, and not be considered as on annual or unpaid leave. No one should worry about falling into debt or struggling to pay their bills when they’re ill or have to self-isolate. If people aren't compensated for the time spent at home, the risk people go to work and spread the illness increases. Nearly 2 million UK workers do not qualify for statutory sick pay, including 1 in 10 working women and 23% of zero-hours contract workers. Currently, workers need to have been off work sick for 4 or more days in a row to receive the payment. And people who earn less than £118 a week don’t qualify for statutory sick pay. The government must ensure everyone gets statutory sick pay from day one, however much they earn.
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  • AFG: Reinstate UNISON rep Peter Moorhead and stop victimising trade unionists
    I'm Peter Moorhead, I have worked for social care provider AFG for over 20 years. In 2019, AFG care workers took strike action against our employer because we were not being paid the minimum wage for so-called "sleep in" shifts. As UNISON's convenor (lead representative) for AFG, I was involved in supporting our members in their fight for fair pay. AFG did not react positively to the strike action. Recently, I have been informed by AFG that they are going to make me redundant and scrap any provision for a UNISON convenor at the care provider. We feel that AFG have unfairly selected the UNISON Convenor position for redundancy and that in reality this is about AFG responding to last year's industrial dispute by trying to shut down any worker representation at the organisation. AFG did not enter into meaningful consultation and their decision potentially amounts to trade union victimisation. This is bigger than my job though. With over 750 UNISON members working for AFG across the North West, the removal of the position will severely impact on the industrial relation with AFG and also hamper the day to day needs of UNISON members. Please sign this petition calling on AFG to do the decent thing and reverse their decision to make me redundant. Thank you for your support, Peter Moorhead (UNISON Convenor- AFG)
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • City of Edinburgh Council: Save Our Instrumental Music Service
    City of Edinburgh Council wants to make significant cuts to its instrumental music service. They are launching a “full consultation” on its future ahead of proposed cuts of £150,000 in 2021/22 and £350,000 in 2022/23. It's not right, and it’s not fair. Cutting Edinburgh’s instrumental music service means taking opportunity away from Edinburgh's children and young people. Over 40% of those from low-income families say music lessons are beyond their household budgets. Musicians' Union research shows that families with a total household income of less than £28,000 are half as likely to have a child learning an instrument as more affluent peers with a family income of £48,000 or more – despite similar levels of interest from both groups of children. Music should be available and attainable for all, whether they are the next Lewis Capaldi, Nicola Benedetti or Primal Scream, or they just want to try something new. There is plenty of evidence that shows the benefits of music beyond art for art’s sake, and its value to the UK economy (£5.2 billion). Music has been shown to boost attainment in schools, and positively impact a child’s cognitive abilities as well as social and emotional development. It’s also about who we are as a community. We want more, not less, diversity in the stories we tell and are told. We call on City of Edinburgh Council to let every child learn music.
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    Created by Caroline Sewell
  • Make flood rescue a statutory duty of fire & rescue services in England
    15.3 The role of the FRS in statutory duty of flood response has been set in the Devolved Administrations, but not England. Recommendation 39 of the Pitt Review stated that: “the Government should urgently put in place a fully funded national capability for flood rescue with Fire and Rescue Authorities playing a leading role, underpinned as necessary by a statutory duty”. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/715483/mafp-review-2018-final-report.pdf Fire & rescue services are best placed to co-ordinate flood rescue operations but, if, budgets continue to be cut, there is a real danger that they will only be able to respond to emergencies where they have a statutory duty to do so.
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    Created by Michael Coulson
  • The Government should pay Central Plaza demolition costs
    The Central Plaza hotel in Carlisle City Centre had stood empty and neglected since 2004. The costs incurred in making the building safe are believed to be running at around £900,000 and the demolition costs are reputed to be in the region of £1.3 million. The Victoria Viaduct was closed for two months in 2018 as works to ensure that masonry would not fall from the top of the crumbling building were undertaken. The disruption of traffic and pedestrians led to the closure of nearby local business Carlisle Bed Centre. The City Council were to take further measures under the Building Act 1984 s78 Dangerous Buildings - Emergency Measures, to ensure that the abandoned property did not present an immediate danger to people in or around it as sections of the interior began to dangerously collapse again in October 2019. The City Council was forced to close off the Victoria Viaduct road again, causing significant traffic disruption into the City centre from the West, and demolition crews moved in to take down the building due to further collapse and safety concerns in December. As only the Treasury can profit from any subsequent sale of the land through the Crown Estate, we believe that the financial costs incurred should be picked up by the Exchequer and not the City Council and council tax payers of Carlisle.
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    Created by UNISON Cumbria Picture
  • Shopworkers deserve a decent break at Christmas
    The run-up to Christmas is busy and stressful for everyone working in retail, and in connected jobs like warehouse and distribution too. Retail workers have been putting in long, tough shifts to help customers get ready for Christmas, and they barely have the time and energy to make their own preparations. When Christmas comes, far too often they don’t get a decent break, with a late finish on Christmas Eve and then back to work early on Boxing Day morning. More than three-quarters of workers surveyed by Usdaw said that working over the Christmas period means that they spend too little time at Christmas with their loved ones. Most retail workers are put under pressure to work on Boxing Day, and this even happens in workplaces where it’s supposed to be ‘voluntary’ – that’s why 97% of retail workers think that shops should shut on Boxing Day. #XmasIsNotWorking and that's why we’re calling on retailers to put their hardworking staff first, and keep the shops shut. Find out more about Usdaw’s #XmasIsNotWorking campaign at www.usdaw.org.uk/XmasIsNotWorking
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  • Tell Trump: Hands off our NHS
    Our NHS is not for sale. Not now, not ever. NHS leaders warned weeks ago that hospitals and patients will pay billions more for drugs in a post-Brexit US-UK deal. Now we have it in black and white. Leaked government documents reveal that Trump and his big pharma cronies want to charge our NHS a lot more for vital drugs. And the US wants "total market access" to public services as a condition for opening new trade talks. That’s code for carving them up and selling them off to the highest bidder. It's never been more important to stand up for our NHS and demand that any future trade deals include cast iron guarantees for public services.
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