• Cardiff Council Workers need a fair pay rise!
    Cardiff Council workers are providing vital public services that our communities rely on every single day. They are the key workers who kept the Capital going throughout the pandemic. Their value to the Capital City and County of Cardiff should be recognised by a pay offer that allows them to feed and clothe their families without having to resort to foodbanks or handouts. It is unacceptable council workers are bearing the brunt of the cuts to local government budgets! It is unacceptable that the Council has not engaged with the Union's Representative's to bring an end to the dispute and give it's workers a fair pay rise.
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  • Miller & Carter - Give us back our tips
    With very little notice and consultation with their workforce, Miller & Carter have imposed a new 'Tips for Tips Scheme' which will see waiters lose hundreds of pounds a month in tips, given to them by you! Previously, waiters had to 'tip-out' to the kitchen and bar around 20-25% of their tips. Now they have to find 2% of *gross sales* which is a huge increase and means that some are already going into tip-debt! Workers are already losing hundreds in income because of this policy. There is a strongly held fear among waiters that they will be brought below the minimum wage by this system and some have already gotten into debt because they cannot possibly sustain the levels of tips they are expected to collect to subsidise the poor wages of the kitchen and bar team. This will almost certainly have a detrimental impact on the service that you are given by the incredible waiters of M&C who will struggle even more during this cost of living crisis. Miller & Carter may not care about their workforce but they certainly care about the future custom of the general public. If you believe that Miller & Carter should abandon attempts to impose this awful policy, please sign, share and make your voice heard.
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  • Stop trade union victimisation at Brighton University
    Brighton University claims it respects the role of the recognised trade unions to represent and negotiate for its employees. But by attacking UCU reps, the University is declaring war on the union. They are clearly signalling that they no longer want to negotiate with union reps on equal terms. They want to create a climate in which staff are too fearful to stand up for themselves, let alone to stand for a union position. What could follow is the unilateral replacement of all the agreements governing lecturers’ and researchers’ terms and conditions with new arrangements imposed by them. Managers everywhere will be rubbing their hands with glee if they can get away with this here. The future of Brighton UCU is at stake. If we want our union membership to mean something concrete, we all need to defend union branches under attack. Our Vice Chancellor and her crew of lackeys would love nothing more than to decapitate our UCU branch. They want to rule through fear and intimidation with no resistance. We need to stand up in defence of our elected reps. Please sign our petition of support and ask your branch to donate to our hardship fund here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/brightonunistrike
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  • Northern Ballet and Arts Council England: Keep Northern Ballet Live!
    Northern Ballet’s funding hasn’t changed much since 2015. In the biggest cost of living crisis for decades with inflation hitting record highs, that’s a significant real terms funding cut. As a result, musicians’ jobs are on the line. World-class orchestra musicians working for an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation should not have to rely on foodbanks to survive. It is essential that Arts Council England and Northern Ballet agree a realistic funding solution that protects union jobs and enables everyone to have access to live ballet that is genuinely live. Please sign the petition and leave a message of support for the musicians in Northern Ballet's orchestra
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    Created by Musicians of the Northern Ballet Sinfonia
  • Better Buses for West Midlands
    Our buses are in crisis! Services slashed - routes continuously under threat with many communities left isolated, particularly in rural areas. Buses unreliable, poorly maintained and not environmentally friendly – often cancelled or late. Drivers recruitment, training and pay and conditions inadequate. Fares expensive and confusing CO2 emissions from use of private cars worsen climate chaos. Recent cuts in Government funding (which pays for ‘socially necessary’ services) will make the crisis even worse. We need guaranteed, adequate funding to make public transport the most attractive option for people when travelling. Our communities need this – and the climate crisis demands it! We need an end to privatisation where bus companies put profits before people. Franchising (as embraced by Greater Manchester) should be easier to implement as a first step towards a return to full public ownership of bus services.
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    Created by Midland Trades Union Council and West Midland Pensioners Convention
  • Save Covent Garden Street Performers
    For over 40 years, the Covent Garden Street Performers Association has self regulated accessible, family friendly street entertainment in the West End. But gentrification is forcing this Great British Tradition out of our city centres, in favour of businesses who want sanitised and bland high streets. But Westminster Council has introduced licensing for street performance in all areas, including Covent Garden. Since this change our members have been in discussions with the Council about Covent Garden's unique role in Street Performance in London. We have been careful stewards of this corner of the City, bringing much needed culture, footfall, and cash to the streets of Covent Garden. We believe on the basis of the long year track record of the Performers Association managing and regulating ourselves, and our role as custodians of this Great British Tradition, that we do not need licensing in Covent Garden. We are calling on Westminster Councillors to reject the voices of gentrification, and revoke the heavy handed, unnecessary licensing conditions in Covent Garden, that threaten the future of this Great British Tradition. Sign our petition and tell Westminster Council to vote to Save Covent Garden Street Performers!
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  • Fair Funding Now: Restore and Transform South Yorkshire's Buses!
    Until 1986, South Yorkshire was renowned for its cheap and reliable bus services. The result was simple: families didn't need a car. Since deregulation fares have risen, services have been cut, and reliability declined. The result: fewer job opportunities, restricted access to education and training, thousands of missed hospital appointments and reduced opportunities for leisure pursuits especially in the evenings and on Sundays. People with limited mobility are less likely to venture out. Young people are meeting virtually instead of in person and shrinking their horizons. The viability of businesses and communities is threatened. 30% of our population have no access to a private vehicle. If we are serious about levelling up, we must provide a reliable bus service. The climate emergency requires a major shift to public transport. Things must not continue on this downward spiral. Other city regions have received millions of pounds to protect and improve bus services. South Yorkshire received nothing. Westminster leaders have the money and power to make this happen. Please sign up to demand fair funding now.
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  • Pay Fair for Patient Care – support Mid Cheshire Healthcare Assistants
    Hundreds of nursing support staff at Mid Cheshire hospitals have been working above their pay grade for years. We are calling on their trust to pay them the wage they deserve and to award back-pay for years of underpayment.
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • Local Government workers need a fair pay rise!
    Local government workers are providing vital public services that our communities rely on every single day. They are the key workers who kept the country going throughout the pandemic. Their value to our communities should be recognised by a pay offer that allows them to feed and clothe their families without having to resort to foodbanks or handouts. It is unacceptable council workers are bearing the brunt of the cuts to local government budgets!
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    Created by Laura Gleeson
  • Justice for outsourced gateline workers on Northern Rail
    Northern Rail has sub-contracted work on the gatelines of some of its stations to a private outsourcing company called Carlisle. This means that two people doing similar work can have totally different pay and conditions. Gateline workers who are employed by Carlise, get less pay, no company sick pay, no membership fo the Railways Pension Scheme, no company leisure travel facilities and are employed using highly exploitative zero hours or annualised hours contracts that leave them in a state of perpetual anxiety, fearing that they will lose precious hours of work. In a recent survey, 58% of Carlisle gateline staff reported that they were struggling to make ends meet and every day they face a rising level of violence and abuse at work.
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  • Pay Fair for Patient Care – support Warrington and Halton's Healthcare Assistants
    Hundreds of nursing support staff at Warrington and Halton hospitals have been working above their pay grade for years. We are calling on their trust to pay them the wage they deserve and to award back-pay for years of underpayment.
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • Save the Zoom Beyond Travel Pass!
    The proposal would see the Zoom Beyond travel pass removed on the 1st November 2023. In just three months, they will take away the ability to afford mobility for thousands of young people in South Yorkshire. Almost 35000 people aged 18-21 use a Zoom Beyond pass in our region. In addition, the Board is planning to raise the concessionary fare from 80p per single journey to £1 per single journey in effect from the start of November. This would reduce the ability for so many children across the region to socialise, go to extracurricular clubs, and would most likely lead to a greater proportion of school students being driven to school in car - increasing congestion, air pollution and further contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. SYMCA is currently looking into a Franchised Bus model - taking power away from the executives of profit-driven private companies like Stagecoach and First and placing more of said power in the hands of the directly elected Mayor. The Trams in Sheffield are already being taken into Public Control (I.e., run directly by SYMCA, and therefore more easily scrutinised) this Autumn, and it is looking like the buses will eventually follow. Due to this, the Combined Authority should instead aim to inherit a bus service with concessionary fares it can be proud of! The budget meeting mentions that if the 80p fare had risen with cumulative inflation from its introduction in 2016, it would be £1.20. That is an exciting thing, though! Even if it draws less profit and costs more as a subsidy, it means that South Yorkshire has one of the lowest fares for those up to the age of 18 in the country, and the lowest fare in the country currently for those up to the age of 21! The neglect of public services in the North of England by the government is a parasite to our progress. Ignorance of the needs of those across South Yorkshire mustn't continue. We deserve a flourishing, integrated transport system - supporting everyone from Thorne to Stocksbridge; one that lends a hand to all young people wanting to study, work, go out, or get about for any reason. We should take pride in the fact we are giving our young people the greatest possible chance to succeed, and we must fight to keep it that way.
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